The beautiful game

Har altid elsket åbningsnummeret ‘The Game’ fra Echo and the Bunnymen’s grå 1987-album. Sangen, der bærer nogle af Ian McCulloch’s mest rørende og lyrisk åbne ord, var også melodisk singleforløber for albummet, og udkom på dags dato i 1987. Dejligt at kunne bringe ‘The Game’ her samme dag og aften, som McCulloch’s elskede Liverpool FC spiller Champions League-finale i Madrid.

...The earth is a world
The world is a ball
A ball in a game
With no rules at all
And just as I wonder
At the beauty of it all
You go and drop it
And it breaks and falls

I’ll never understand
Why you thought I would
Need to be reassured
And be understood
When I always knew
That your bad’s my good
And I was ready
Ready to be loved

Born under Mars
With Jupiter rising
Fallen from stars
That lit my horizon…

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