Art of the cover

Hvis der skal vælges ét Elvis Costello-album her, vil det uværgeligt blive hans mesterligt speedede, uforstillede, indignerede og indtrængende This Years Model fra 1978. I dag er det 40 år siden pladen blev udsendt. Den dengang meget efterspurgte Barney Bubbles står bag dette Costello-ikoniske cover. Her fortæller dets fotograf Chris Gabrin om tilblivelsen af billedet:

– The concept of him behind a camera for the sleeve of This Year’s Model had already been chosen, so I decided to equip Elvis with exactly the same tripod and camera as I was using to create a ‘mirror’ for him. Alongside a powerful stereo I kept a large record collection at my Camden Studio, and artists would choose music they enjoyed or were interested in for their sessions. Just as we were about to start shooting, Elvis asked me if I had “Hotel California” by The Eagles, and could I play it? I was puzzled by his choice – until he told me that he loathed the record, but wanted to look really pissed off and angry in the shots! We played the record several times during the session and whilst I directed him, I was also aware of his copying some of my own actions as I took the photographs.

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