Der kommer en dag

Mens vi venter på EU-valget og folketingsvalget, er her det sidste nummer fra Orbitals album fra 2018, Monsters Exist. Jeg opdagede først dette album i år; ellers var det kommet på min liste over lytteværdige albumudgivelser fra 2019. Et tema, der løber gennem Monsters Exist, er menneskets skrøbelige livsgrundlag. Brødrene Hartnoll har altid været kendt for at have noget på hjerte; elektronisk musik kan virke abstrakt, men behøver ikke af dén grund at være holdningsløs.

Brian Cox, professor i astrofysik ved University of Manchester, fortæller det som det er – livet er dyrebart og flygtigt. Lyt!

There are few certainties in science, but one fact of which we can all be certain is that one day we will die.

Our atoms won’t disappear, they will return to the Earth. Some will become parts of the living future. But they will carry no imprint, no memories, no knowledge of the pattern once known as you. In five billion years our Sun will cease to shine. Our planet will die in the searing heat, engulfed by the dying star. The atoms once known as you will be ejected out into space. In billions of years they may become parts of new solar systems with their own stories to tell.

The great cycle of stellar death and rebirth offers a sort of limited immortality. Whether that’s comforting is up to you. But ultimately nothing will survive. It will all be gone.

In the far future there will come a time when time has no meaning as the Universe expands and fades. Our descendants isolated on an island drifting in ocean of dark will watch as the galaxies evaporate away.

How does that make you feel?

Yet something remains in the darkness. An idea. Science is the ultimate exercise of reason. And our reason confirms deep down what we’ve always known. Whether human or star, life is precious and fleeting.

We are collections of atoms that can think who discovered this deep truth. We must understand the Universe will spend an eternity in darkness after a brief period of light.

Meaning is not eternal. And yet meaning exists today because the Universe means something to us.

We must understand that life is precious and fleeting. In doing so we will come to recognize the true value of ourselves, our fellow humans and our civilization.

The choice before us is not between immortality and eternal darkness. The laws of nature have made that choice. But we do get to choose how long we want to survive. How long do you want the human race to survive?

There will come a time when we’re forced to choose: do we destroy our planet or protect it? Do we live together or fight amongst ourselves? Do we expand, explore, do we carry our shared hopes and dreams outwards to Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn and onwards to the limitless stars or do we avert our gaze from the Universe beyond and allow all memory of our world will be lost too soon?

Do we close our minds and seek refuge in the ingorant dark of the cave or do we embrace curiosity and love of knowledge of our fellow humans, of our rare world and of the infinite and wonderful things yet to be known?

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