Et møde i Tanger

Foto: Jenn L (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0))

I næste måned kommer det, der formodentlig er den definitive biografi om Nick Drake. I bogen fortæller de, der kendte ham bedst, om hans liv, og en af de overraskende beretninger fra dem er den om dengang, hvor Nick Drake mødte The Rolling Stones under Drakes rejse til Marokko. Jeg har aldrig læst noget fra Mick Jagger eller andre fra The Rolling Stones om dette møde (måske fordi de var “bombed out of their minds” ?). Men her er en kort udgave:

By coincidence the Stones were also in the crowd, making a field recording. The friends revived the idea of getting Nick to play for them. Having established that they were staying in an old French colonial hotel, La Mamounia, they went there that evening. Upon discovering that they were in its grand dining room, says Julian, “Rick went in with Nick and told them how great Nick was at the guitar. Nick then played for them.” It’s striking that Nick was willing to perform alone and at close quarters in front of such an intimidating audience. Rick does not recall what he played, but when he stopped, continues Julian:

“We all sat down. It was a large room with a long table immediately on the left, deserted but for the Stones and their entourage. Mick Jagger was at the head, and in my memory Nick sat at the opposite end. It was like a scene from The Decameron, with food everywhere, which they invited us to help ourselves to. We were very grateful, because we were starving. They were bombed out of their minds yet clearly impressed by Nick. At the end of the encounter Mick said to him: ‘You must come and see us when you’re back in London,’ which I doubt he said to everyone.”

(fra Nick Drake: The Life af Richard Morton Jack – her citeret fra

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