Your Arsenal

Hvad fodbold gør ved folk. En London Calling-anekdote fra magasinet Eight by Eight:

Another London team, however, would prove an inspiration on London Calling. The material written at Vanilla for the album was recorded at Wessex Studios in Highbury, North London, in August and September 1979. Highbury was the home of Arsenal, and the record’s producer, Guy Stevens, a legendarily eccentric maverick in the British music business, was an obsessive fan of the club.

Discovering that some Arsenal ground staff were Clash lovers and conspiring with them, Stevens established a daily ritual that he felt could only add to the magic he was trying to inject into the new record. The minicab summoned to take him each morning to Wessex would make a slight detour, stopping at the Arsenal ground. There, Stevens would briefly exit the vehicle and enter the Highbury center circle, where he would kneel and pay homage to his mental image of the team’s attacking midfielder Liam Brady. Then he would continue on his way to Wessex.

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