So forever young!

Albummet Suede blev udsendt i dag for 29 år siden. Vi markerer lige her britpoppens topbands debutalbum med en samtidig liveversion af dets åbningstrack ‘So Young’, hvorom mikrofonswinger extraordinaire Brett A fortæller:

“It’s supposed to be a song with a real duality. Of course there’s a very wide-eyed, idealistic kind reflection of…what it’s like to be young. But the whole point is the twist of it, where the coda is, “Let’s chase the dragon from our home.” For me, it’s saying let’s take on a different version of the beauty of life rather than the chemical-tinged one. When you hear the lyric “Let’s chase the dragon”, you just assume it’s a song about taking drugs. And it is and it isn’t. I’d experienced lots of the things I was talking about; it wasn’t tourism or anything. It was just this sort of hymn to the arrogance of youth. When I sing it now…I never sing it ironically when we do it live now. I remember saying years ago, “God, imagine when we’re playing ‘So Young’ in 20 years’ time!””

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