Her på årets 25. dag en top-25-playlist, der – som det er så fandens højt oppe i tiden – hylder jeg’et; 25 klassiske sange der starter med det engelske “I”:

01. I Will Never Turn My Back On You – Chuck Jackson
02. I Can Never Go Home Anymore – The Shangri-Las
03. I Won’t Share You – The Smiths
04. I Had A Dream Joe – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
05. I Never Dreamed – The Cookies
06. I Wanna Be A Star – The Cockney Rejects
07. I Was Born To Cry – Dion & The Belmonts
08. I Really Love You – The Tomangoes
09. I Need Somebody – Iggy Pop
10. I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten – Dusty Springfield
11. I See A Darkness – Johnny Cash
12. I Remember California – R.E.M.
13. I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend – The Ramones
14. I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone – Sleater-Kinney
15. I Feel Love – Donna Summer
16. I Can’t Forget – Leonard Cohen
17. I Remember The Railroad – Gene Clark
18. I Dream A Highway – Gillian Welch
19. I Can’t Help Myself – The Four Tops
20. I Put A Spell On You – Creedence Clearwater Revival
21. I Found A Reason – The Velvet Underground
22. I Like Girls – Sparks
23. I Fought The Law – Bobby Fuller Four
24. I Live For Speed – The Star Spangles
25. I Walked Away – Bobby Paris

Det er ikke nemt at begrænse sit jeg til 25. Kan vi få andre bud…?

13 tanker om “I”

  1. TOP 14 (!) The Magnetic Fields “I”

    I Die
    I Don’t Believe You
    I Don’t Really Love You Anymore
    I Looked All Over Town
    I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
    I Was Born
    I Wish I Had An Evil Twin
    If There’s Such A Thing As Love
    I’m Tongue-Tied
    In An Operetta
    Infinitely Late At Night
    Is This What They Used To Call Love
    It’s Only Time

  2. Her er endnu 25:

    I will always love you – Dolly Parton
    I feel love – Donna Summer
    I really don´t want to know – Elvis Presley
    I say a little prayer – Dionne Warwick
    I want you – Marvin Gaye
    I only want to be with you – Dusty Springfield
    I shot the Sheriff – Bob Marley
    I love music – The O´jays
    I wish – Stevie Wonder
    I will survive – Gloria Gayner
    I wanna be adored – Stone Roses
    I feel you – Depeche Mode
    I´ll be yours tonight – How do I
    I´m with stupid – Pet Shop Boys
    I can´t wait – No Shooz
    I hate the place, but… – Moi Caprice
    I know you got soul – Eric B & Rakim
    I want you – Filur
    I was born on christmas day – Saint Etienne
    I´m comin´down – Primal Scream
    I´m not down – The Clash
    I wouldn´t nomally do… – Pet Shop Boys
    I don´t feel like dancin´ – Scissor Sisters
    I feel loved – Depeche Mode
    I have a dream – Abba

  3. Muntert obstrueret pastor 🙂

    Min liste (vilkårlig rækkefølge)

    1. I put a spell on you – Bryan Ferry
    2. I see a darkness – Johnny Cash
    3. I Let love in – Nick Cave
    4. I think I’m a mother – P.J. Harvey
    5. I need you – Kira and etc.
    6. I would die 4 you – Prince
    7. I still miss someone – Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson
    8. I think I’m paranoid – Garbage
    9. I might be wrong – Radiohead (Nok min favorit)
    10. I got the blues – Rolling Stones
    11.I got stripes – Johnny Cash
    12. I feel you – Depeche Mode
    13. I feel love – Bronski Beat Feat Marc Almond
    14. I feel free – Cream
    15. I don’t want to hurt you – Frank Black
    16. I could never take the place of your man – Prince
    17. I’ve got to see you again – Norah Jones
    18. I’m your man – Leonard Cohen
    19. I’m not worried at all – Moby
    20. I bleed – Pixies
    21. I can’t stop loving you – John Scofield (Ray Charles’ sang)
    22. I met a girl – Sandmen
    23. I need some fine and you, you need to be nicer – Cardigans
    24. I never picked cotton – Johnny Cash
    25 I shall be released – Bob Dylan
    26. I spy – Pulp

    Af alle titler må: I foregive jesus, være den absolut bedste. Det er sjovt 🙂

  4. 1. I wanna holler: Detroit Cobras
    2. I have forgiven Jesus: Morrissey
    3. I wasn’t born to follow: Social Distortion
    4. I see a darkness: Bonnie Prince Billy
    5. I wont be home no more: Hank Williams
    6. I can see for miles: The Who
    7. I am a pilgrim: The Byrds
    8. I wont be the one: Dead Moon
    9. I know you are married but I love you still: Jim, Jennie and the Pinetops
    10. I tried not to: The Sadies
    11. I wanna be sedated: Ramones
    12: I wanna be your dog: Stooges
    13. I know you’re going to love my sad song: The Bleeder Group
    14. I wont back down: Tom Petty
    15. I feel you: Depeche Mode
    16. I never knew you: Jason Ringenberg
    17. I hate you: The Monks
    18. I wonder: The Ronettes
    19. I don’t need it done: Dwight Yoakam
    20. I walk the line: Johnny Cash
    21. I need a woman: Josefus
    22. I need loving: The Milkshakes
    23. I can tell: Andre Williams and the Sadies
    24. I seen what I saw: 16 Horsepower
    25. I am what I am: Fleshtones

  5. 01. I Won’t Share You – The Smiths
    02. I Believe In You – Talk Talk
    03. I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday – Morrissey
    04. I Kicked A Boy – The Sundays
    05. I Have Forgiven Jesus – Morrissey
    06. I Fought The Law – The Clash
    07. I Need Two Heads – The Go-Betweens
    08. I Want To Live – Gavin Friday
    09. I Will Follow – U2
    10. I Feel You – Depeche Mode
    11. I Want You – Elvis Costello
    12. I Fought In A War – Belle & Sebastian
    13. I Hate Alternative Rock – Bob Mould
    14. I Hate Rock’n’roll – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    15. I Bought Myself A Liar Bird – XTC
    16. I Can’t Forget – The Pixies
    17. I Had To Say This – Clientele
    18. I Saw The Light – The The
    19. I Will Kill Again – Jarvic Cocker
    20. I Believe – Booth & The Bad Angel
    21. I Wish You All Dead – Wonderstuff
    22. I Wanna Be Adored – Stone Roses
    23. I Might Be Wrong – Radiohead
    24. I Remember The Sun – XTC
    25. I Hope We Don’t Wake Up – Moses McCartney

  6. Her skulle gerne være 25 styk:

    I Want To Take You Higher – Sly & The Family Stone
    I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges
    I Threw It All Away – Bob Dylan
    I Love You Neurosis – The Nervebreakers
    I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You – Ramones
    I Can’t Explain – The Who
    I’ll Never Belong – The King Khan & BBQ Show
    I’m A Believer – The Monkees
    I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better – The Byrds
    I Was Born To Cry – Dion & The Belmonts
    I Wanna Be Your Man – The Rolling Stones
    I’m In Pittsburgh (And It’s Raining) – The Outcasts
    I’m Always In Love – Wilco
    I Saw The Light – Todd Rundgren
    I Am The Cosmos – Chris Bell
    I Can’t Believe What You Say – Ike & Tina Turner
    I Found Out – Nathaniel Mayer (det er et Lennon nummer, men det er kodylt med Nathaniel Mayer)
    I Hate The Rich – The Dils
    I’ll Do It Anyway – The Lemonheads
    I Will Dare – The Replacements
    I’m Comin’ Down – Primal Scream
    I Don’t Want Control Of You – Teenage Fanclub
    I’m Waiting For My Man – The Velvet Underground
    I’m So Bored With The USA – The Clash
    I’ve Been Loving You Too Long – Otis Redding

  7. I Want Your Love – Chic
    I Am The Cosmos – Chris Bell
    I Should Have Known Better – Yo La Tengo
    I Need No Trust – My Bloody Valentine
    I Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles
    I Need A Freak – Sexual Harassment
    I Was A Lover – TV on the Radio
    I Need Love – LL Cool J
    I Know You Got Soul – Eric B. & Rakim
    I Didn’t Understand – Elliott Smith

  8. Jeg har 627 sange på min iPod, der begynder med “I”, så for overskuelighedens skyld er her en “It’s”-liste:

    It`s Only Love – The Beatles
    It’s A Crime – The Magnetic Fields
    It’s A Motherfucker – Eels
    It’s A Wonderful Lie – Paul Westerberg
    It’s All Gonna Break – Broken Social Scene
    It’s All Over Now – The Rolling Stones
    It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue – Bob Dylan
    It’s Alright – Leela James
    It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back) – Eurythmics
    It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) – Bob Dylan
    It’s Electric – Metallica
    It’s Gonna Be Me (Previously Unreleased Track ’74) – David Bowie
    It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City – Bruce Springsteen
    It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City – Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
    It’s Indian Tobacco My Friend – Cornershop
    It’s Just That Simple – Wilco
    It’s Like Soul Man – Guided By Voices
    It’s My Life – Talk Talk
    It’s No Game – David Bowie
    It’s No Game (Part 2) – David Bowie
    It’s No Good – Depeche Mode
    It’s Not – Aimee Mann
    It’s Not Peculiar – Husker Du
    It’s Now Or Never – Elvis Presley
    It’s Only Divine Right – The New Pornographers
    It’s Only Natural – Crowded House
    It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Rolling Stones
    It’s Our Love – Iggy Pop
    It’s Over – The Beta Band
    It’s Over – Roy Orbison
    It’s Over – Tom Waits
    It’s Over, It’s Nothing – The Russian Futurists
    It’s Real – John Lennon
    It’s Right In Front Of You – Edwyn Collins
    It’s Saturday Night – The Proclaimers
    It’s So Hard – The Jesus & Mary Chain
    It’s So Hard – John Lennon
    It’s So Obvious – Wire
    It’s Somebody’s Birthday Today – The Desperate Bicycles
    It’s Too Late – Paradise Lost
    It’s Tricky – Run-D.M.C.
    It’s You – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
    It’s You – Talk Talk
    It’s Your Birthday – American Music Club

  9. Her er mit bud på 25 fantastiske (nærmest uhyggeligt forskellige) numre begyndende med ordet I. Det er simplethen en for hård opgave at skulle prøvr at rangordne dem. – og WallRozzer, må vi så bede om originalen, tak!

    I Am – Joseph Arthur
    I Am A Rock – Simon & Garfunkel
    I Am A Wicked Child – Radiohead
    I Am Hated For Loving – Morrissey
    I Am The Walrus – The Beatles
    I Believe In You – Talk Talk
    I Found Out – John Lennon & Platic Ono Band
    I Hope You’re Happy Now – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    I Know It’s Over – The Smiths
    I Let Love In – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
    I Might Be Wrong – Radiohead
    I Remember California – R.E.M.
    I Say a Little Prayer – Aretha Franklin
    I Surrender – David Sylvian
    I Wanna Be Adored – The Stone Roses
    I Want You – The Beatles
    I Want You – Elvis Costello & The Attractions
    I’ll Be Seeing You – Legandary Little Jimmy Scott
    I’ll Be Your Mirror – The Velvet Underground
    I’ll Never Fall In Love Again – Dionne Warwick
    I’m In The Mood Again – Elvis Costello
    I’m Waiting For The Man – The Velvet Underground
    I’ve Been Waitin’ For Tomorrow (All Of My Life) – The The
    I’ve Been Waiting For You – David Bowie
    I’ve Got A Feeling – The Beatles

  10. Denne jeg-fiksering lyder meget engelsk. Derfor:

    I en lille båd der gynger – Bamses Venner.

  11. I`ll take the rain – R.E.M
    I Am The resurection – Stone Roses
    I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
    I Feel You – Depeche Mode
    I Have Forgiven jesus – Morrissey
    I Know It`s Over – The Smiths
    I Fougth The Law – The Clash
    I Will See You Off In Farout Places – Morrissey
    I Am The Wallruss – Oasis (Beatles Cover)

    Dansk –
    I dit spejl – Love Shop
    Invitation – Unmack

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